Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand For Sale in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • 3 Standard Shelve: Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand enables 3 standard quality shelve where you can set the height according to your own to beautify.   
  • Plastic Basket: This Display Rack Has 9 pieces of plastic basket is the capacity of this stand. 
  • Price Tag Option: There’s a place in front to show products with the price tags. That means options for display the products with the price. 
  • Stopper: Stopper system is included with the Fruits and Vegetables Display. This stopper will protect your products so that your products could not fall down easily by shaking.
  • Strong Metal Body: Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand Made by Strong metal body ensures the safety of your products which you are going to keep in it and long durability feature.


Product Features

·         3 standard shelving
·         9pcs of plastic basket
·         Product stopper included
·         Space for showing the price
·         Strong metal body
·         Long lasting

Product Specification

·         Place of Origin·         Malaysia
·         Brand Name·         Uniwell
·         Material·         Metallic
·         Feature·         Single-sided
·         Type·         Fruit & Vegetables Stand Rack
·         Style·         Light Duty
·         Capacity·         9 baskets
·         Layer·         3
·         Finished·         Powder coated
·         Color·         Black/Green Or Any color

Why Use This Product

When starting a new super shop or supermarket, the supermarket will need store shelving stands and accessories to display clean products. Fresh vegetables and clean fruit are always best clean so are ideal for sale in the super shop or supermarket to motivate more frequent customer visits. In these days of increased knowing eating a healthy diet it is vital for the store to be able to not only source high top quality vegetables and fruit but for these to also be noticeably shown to their best advantage within a store. To show clean fruit and vegetables at their best, Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is beneficial. To avoid the need for suppliers to purchase costly generate models, we supply which is not only appropriate for our entire range of supermarket shelving but are very inexpensive.

Exceptional quality metal goes in the making of all loading systems that are constructed by Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is by no means an exemption to this. With effective technology at convenience and hands on experience in offering the best loading system across industrial and supermarkets, Super Shop Solution offers the state-of-the-art Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand that are at par with the very best equipment for supermarket.

Created in strong, pretreated, consistent metal, Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is ably meant to provide a reliable and extended service to your supermarket. The shelves are meant to provide proper air flow which is essential in disposable goods such as fresh vegetables and fruit. The design of this stand also is creatively exciting that emphases the quality of products on display.

It is essential to display these products properly so as to catch the attention of the daily customer and this go a long way in providing improved exposure and that can activate energetic buys. Also it is essential to have the right display appears for these perishables that are held in chilly surroundings to prevent rot or corrosion. And the Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is perfect and ideal for displaying fruits and vegetables to customer in your super shop.

 It is necessary for vegetables and fruits to be displayed properly to attract the attention of potential customers. Also turnover of these vegetables and fruits need to be on the high to ensure that there are no rots and decays of these perishables. All these details are aptly noticed and the right solution is being offered by us in the form of flexible Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand.

This flexible fruits and veggie display solution helps in displaying all the items in the fruits or vegetables basket to the customer which makes it easy for them to pick the ones that they feel is the best. The flexible shelving for convenience sakes is designed as smaller shelves on the top and the larger ones in the bottom. The point is very important as it helps to offer complete visibility of all material even in the lower shelves. The design of Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is such that the lower shelves are marginally larger than the upper ones and are segregated into boxes thereby helping to hold different varieties of vegetables and fruits together.

There are many types of racking systems for fruits and veggie supermarket. But Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand is the best because it provides stopper for your fruits and vegetables so that these fruits and vegetables could not fall down easily. We offer all this type of fruits and veggie display shelving stand.

Fruit and vegetables are naturally attractive items, just think of a full clean fruit item and how vibrant and mouth-watering it looks, your Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand can be the same. There should be a focus on the standard of the products and, wherever possible, regionally procured clean fruit and vegetables should be offered to the customer. This display stand will help you to provide clear display of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Super Shop Solution is providing its  Fruits and Vegetables Display Stand system having all these in mind and hence offer all the above mentioned as a complete package and storage solution for fresh fruit and veggie suppliers or supermarket in the country.


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