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Key Points Of Product

  • It’s Double Part: Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller enables display from two sides so that customer can choose their item very easily. Everyone can see the items inside. Thus this fridge will work both for display and refrigeration.     
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Temperature control is one of the key aspects of a fridge. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller has the better temperature management. Such as – it will offer same level temperature when it needs to be. As a outcome, within items will stay clean. 
  • Refrigerator Size: The size of this fridge 2500mm (8 Feet) and 3750mm(12 Feet)Can be joined together to suit your length requirements. 
  • Energy Consumption: The best quality evaporator and the brought in warming development expansion are used, so than cut down the time of de-frosting, slow up the energy consumption. 
  • 100% Rust Free: The rust and corrosion safety and additive treatment is carried out for all components of this fridge. 
  • Easy To Clean: It allows good clearance under case for easy cleaning.

Product Features

·         Great for higher volume display of deli items, grab and go foods, cheese, packaged produce and more.
·         Easy raceway access
·         Superior temperature performance and stability throughout the display area 
·         The running condition of goods can be monitored by computer in real time.
·         5 year modular coil warranty

Why Use This Product

Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller is a vital part of strategy for a super shop or food relevant business. It is accidental for super shop, eating places and foods relevant businesses to keep disposable items in appliances. Now, when this is done in this commercial display fridge, the benefits are many.

Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller is great as advertising and can be used to display your foods in several different ways to get customer’s attention. Many times they become essential, especially when you need to sell the freezing goods. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller will provide an visual appeal to your super shop and have a general propensity to please the customers with its appeal and immediate them unswervingly to make a purchase. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller will provide a nice design to the area noticeable to your customers and shoppers. You can use this fridge as surfaces, kitchen counter space for storage, status editions near the cash counter with both directly and two island options or at any other place you consider fit. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller is significant choice for several types of food companies such as super shops, bakeries, lovely stores, ice-cream parlors etc. where they provide the performance of storage space and temperature control as well as an area for displaying items that are otherwise hard to be marketed. Even in restaurants they are used to display pastries, ice creams, desserts. This fridge is useful for maintaining your items fresh and cooled until provided and brings in more sales by enabling the customers to view the foods straight before purchasing them. With the Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller the customer can simply see what is available at this time. They provide exposure of foods and at the same time helps cleanliness by maintaining foods away from getting moved by the customers and guests. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller increases the cleanliness of the best position. There is no opportunity for the dust or rust to set up at any position as everything is clearly noticeable by all. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller is also great for self service options. You can save on your support expenses by having foods shown in a requested form, wherein customers can simply surf from among the available products and pick up those that are required. Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller is a necessary machine for your super shop, creamery, restaurant, food market, concession stand, or food. By having this fridge in your business, you’ll be able to market gallons of your specialized soft ice cream, desserts, custard, and freezing natural at the proper temperatures.

If you’re looking for things take your ice cream, desserts service to the next level, then we have you covered. We are providing Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller that provides a cold surface while staffs mix toppings into hand-dipped ice cream and machines for making soft serve cones. More than just about any other foodservice function, ice cream and desserts are point-of-sale businesses motivated by reaction purchasing. Just think about it. Where else can you flavor the entire selection before actually purchasing something? From looking at the vibrant tastes to examining the sleek and large designs, individuals usually decide which ice cream to buy when they’re at the display situation. It’s essential to have your desserts and ice cream effectively shown in order to enhance reaction purchasing styles and eventually earnings. It’s equally essential, though, to create sure your desserts and ice cream situation suits well with the overall visual of your shop. Stylish and sleek features can bring individuals into your shop in the same way they can improve sales when individuals are already there. This could be possible if you buy Two Part Island Display Refrigerator or Chiller for displaying these items.


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