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Key Points Of Product

  • Blower System:Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase have blower system feature that keeps the freezer compartment reliably free of ice. This blower system will ensure homogeneous coolness in the storage space.
  • Non Heated Glass:The glass of this single door chiller is non-heated. As a result, this glass will not be heated by the product inside or any sort of disturbance. The glass door is magnetic.
  • Temperature Control:This single door display freezer generates the temperature under its control. It has the mechanical temperature control quality. It is tested at ambient temperature of 32 °C, with no load
  • Usage:Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase is suitable for drinks, milk, beer and medicines.
  • Compressor Warranty: We Provide more then 2 years chiller compressor warranty.

Product Features

·         Blower system will ensure homogenous coolness in the storage space.
·         4tier removable and adjustable shelves.
·         Self contained system, no plumbing required.
·         Tested at ambient temperature of 32 °C, with no load.

Product Specification

·         Product Type·         Single Door Display Showcase Chiller
·         Brand·         Linden
·         Model·         1D/MDC-G - 1 Door & 1D/MDC-S - 1 Door
·         Temperature °C·         +2 to +8
·         External Dimension (mm)·         585 x 630 x 1745
·         Internal Dimension (mm)·         495 x 480 x 1270
·         Gross Volume (Litre)·         302
·         Voltage / Frequency ( V/Hz)·         230V / 1 / 50Hz

·         220V / 1 / 60Hz

·         Weight (kg)·         85
·         Compressor·         1/5Hp
·         Wattage·         360
·         Ampere (A)·         2.3
·         System·         Forced Convection
·         Refrigerant / Grams·         R134a/270g
·         Defrost System·         Forced Air Circulation 
·         Temperature Control·         Mechanical
·         Shelves·         4 pcs per door
·         Number of clip·         16

Why Use This Product

As a point in fact, every kitchen has a refrigerator. Actually, it is considered a staple as the appliance is used to hold many different items from parmesan cheese and dairy to foods and scraps. Having a single clear glass door refrigerator is a great convenience. Certainly, there are many different styles and types of glass fronted refrigerators. If you are planning to beautify your super shop you will locate the right refrigerator as per you’re in looks and storage space available. One of the most critical factors a refrigerator could have is glass doors. These are well-known in food-related companies and suppliers, super shops because customers can see what is available while decreasing the item’s visibility to hotter air. These single door display freezers provide you with the same convenience at super shop. Just think about the comfort that you can see what you might need to purchase without even starting the entrance. It will gradually preserve you real energy as you are able to allow the foodstuff to have more continuous temperature ranges. By using single door refrigerator, you will probably decrease spoilage and if anything is getting total you will set it assisting you toss it away easily. This is why Super Shop Solution brings this Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase as a blessing. This freezer will done the job for you as mentioned before.

Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display have motorized inflator program feature that keeps the fridge section effectively free of ice. This motorized inflator program will ensure homogenous greatness in the storage space. The cup of this single door refrigerator is non-heated. As a result, this cup will not be warmed by the product inside or any sort of interference. The clear glass door is magnetic. This single door display fridge generates the heat range under its management. It has the mechanical heat range management quality. It is tested at normal heat range of 32 °C, without load.  Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display is suitable for drinks, dairy, beer and medicines. The benefit of having this Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase is; the customer can look at what needs to can be bought in your super shop or supermarket. You can look within through the glass door to see if you still have butter, dairy, egg or anything else. Even if, as a house owner just look in without even starting the refrigerator’s clear glass door and create what is losing in your list. Always try to keep the door fresh so that you can always see within. It isn’t difficult to fresh the glass door because you only need some screen apply and a document soft towel. Spray and clean – it is fast and fresh. That is it! Having a refrigerator like Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase can even help you will discover things easier when you need them. You need to keep the refrigerator shelves nice because they will be so noticeable. Just prevent tossing items into the refrigerator or placing unappealingly covered scraps on one of the shelves. If you really want to get taken advantage of the Single Door Display Showcase Chillers, you have to keep it elegant so you can discover what you need. This single door freezer is deal for super shops, supermarkets, extremely marketplaces, and a number of other companies. This single door freezer is the ideal remedy is you’re looking for to keep your products amazing and available to customers and viewers. No matter what you’re introducing, Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase is a great way to do it better.

However, when it comes about glass door fridges, they are designed to fit anywhere. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new one, think about buying Supermarket Single Door Chillers Display Showcase and observe the spectacular change it can bring to your super shop.



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