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Key Points Of Product

  • Automatic Temperature Control: Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator manages heat range instantly. This fridge will offered the perfect heat range according to products inside. 
  • Compressor Type: Outdoor and indoor both are available. Because of the pressure coils are made of pure copper, this fridge ensures lifetime of 10 years.
  • Air Curtain: This freezer has the Air Curtain option which will provide the air from the side when you will keep fish with ice in the fridge. As a result, these ices will not get melt because of the air. 
  • Energy Efficiency: This is far less than the cost of electricity will be carried out by using the Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator.
  • Warranty: We are providing Manufacturer standard 1 year warranty for Refrigerator and 2 years for Compressor.

Product Features

·         Automatic temperature control
·         Outdoor and Indoor type compressor
·         Coils are made of pure copper
·         Air curtain feature to reduce ice melting
·         Energy efficient
·         1 year warranty

Why Use This Product

A commercial fish or seafood refrigerator is an essential device for purveyors of excellent fish or seafood. A under commercial fish refrigerator guarantees the fish or seafood saved within doesn't become dry, a problem that can happen with fan helped fridge. Take a look at this variety of Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator, should you need any help choosing the design right for you and your super shop business, don't think twice to contact Super Shop Solution, we are here to help!

Saving any type of various fish or seafood items need a certain heat range. Temperatures are the most important aspect when it comes to keeping the quality and helping the lifestyle expectancy of the various meats. The fish or seafood items also need to be kept at certain heat range so that its structure and healthy level is managed. Even if there is a smallest change in the heat range, it can have an adverse influence on the lifestyle expectancy of the seafood or fish items. Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator controls temperature immediately. This refrigerator will offered the perfect warm variety according to products inside. Thus it will be very helpful for your super shop if you want to keep and display fish items for business. If the heat range of the fish refrigerator is not kept 0 C and is higher than this may lead to a rapid development of harmful bacteria resulting in the fish items being ruined. The development of harmful bacteria may lead to reducing of living expectancy and in food waste. For example, living expectancy of a cod fillet is estimated to be 10 to 12 times if the heat range is kept 0 C. if the heat range of the fish refrigerator is 4 C to 5 C then living expectancy is reduced to 5 to 6 times. If the heat range goes up to 10 C then living expectancy of cod fillet is reduced to just 2 to 3 times. But Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator is there to reduce this. You don’t have to worry about this. Outdoor and inside both are available for. Because of the stress coils are made of genuine copper, this refrigerator guarantees use of 10 years. This refrigerator has Air Layer function so that ices cannot get burn. This is far less than the cost of power will be performed by using the Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator. The seafood or fish items can go bad in a short time so it is very essential to get the seafood or fish items from the protected or under refrigeration distribution to the Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator in a short time. The fish or seafood should be moved type the distribution automobile to the refrigerator in a short time. If you want to lock up the seafood or fish items, then it also has to be done in a short time. The cold of the fish items should be fast and at a very low cold heat range. The cold heat range should be below -20 levels C. If the fish item is not freezing at the right heat range it can very adverse influence on the structure of the fish items. But this Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator will keep your fish items in proper heat range. Thus the fish items will be save.

If you want to display or show your fish items for the customers can use then you will need a counter top serve over display refrigerator like the Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator. This freezer is also having the automatic heat range system because it is most appropriate heat range for saving the seafood or fish items.

Now you already noticed that to keep fish or fish products cleaner and healthier and balanced, you must have to keep these products in a particular or specific heat range. But ask yourself, from where you can get that specific temperature? Your solution is to buy this Super Shop Fish Display Refrigerator which will help you to keep products clean and to entice the customers can use in your super shop by its stylish display.


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