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Key Points Of Product

  • Multi Rack Refrigerator: Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator has few racks holder program. As a outcome, you can enhance lot of dairy products in this racks program very easily. 
  • Refrigerator Size: Generally the sizes are between 3 feet to  6 feet. But we are ready to provide the perfect size for your super shop. We can provide more than 6ft or single, double and triple,4 door glass door system for your super shop. 
  • Auto Temperature Control: This fridge manages temperature range automatically. This fridge will offered the perfect temperature range according to products inside. Thus products will remain fresh and healthy. 
  • Inner Light System: One of the big advantages of Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator is inner lighting is on the inside of the product. As a result, all products which are inside look eye-catching all day long. This will encourage your sales!   
  • Top Display Advertising: At the top of the refrigerator there is a place where you can advertise anything if you want.

Product Features

·         Multi deck system fridge
·         Customizable dimensions
·         Automatic temperature
·         Inner lighting display
·         Sales friendly
·         Extra advertising option

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Linden
·         Made By ·         Malaysia
·         Country of Origin·        Malaysia  
·         Product Type·         Glass Door Dairy Commercial Refrigerator
·         Dimension·         3 feet to 12 feet (Customized)
·         Lighting Panel·         Available
·         Amount Glass Doors·         1-2-3-4
·         Automatic Temperature ·         Yes

Why Use This Product

If your super shop business offers milk or dairy items, then you understand the significance of having under refrigerator milk or dairy display fridges & suppliers. Without refrigerator milk or dairy items can mess up quickly—leaving your super shop business out of provide and at a loss of money. With a Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator from executive ideas or drink air, not only will your product or service stay cool, but your customers can easily see and get what they are looking for.

Not sure which display fridge you need for your super shop, or don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact with Super Shop Solution, we will provide you the best dairy fridge Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator for your super shop business!

Most super shop owners are not aware that dairy will spoil in less than an hour if left unrefrigerated. It is critical that you purchase Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator from Super Shop Solution that has been built with item reliability in mind. This refrigerator is designed so that they are not only functional, but will bring your customer's eyes directly to your item or service. It is remember all dairy must be kept at around a heat range of 36°F for making sure the lengthiest possible lifestyle expectancy. However, for making sure your item or service reliability you must make sure your method delivered at the appropriate temperature ranges. You should check the heat range of the under refrigeration distribution trailer to maintain your item or service has been kept at the appropriate temperature ranges during transit. Finally, do NOT allow your dairy to sit on your receiving dock. Put your dairy distribution immediately into Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator for making sure the lengthiest display life.

Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator has few shelves owner system. As a consequence, you can improve lot of dairy items in this shelves system very easily. This refrigerator controls heat variety range instantly. This refrigerator will provided the ideal heat variety range according to items within. Thus items will stay clean and healthy. One of the big benefits of Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator is inner illumination is within the product. As a consequence, all items which are within look eye-catching all day long. This will motivate your sales. At the top of the refrigerator there is a place where you can promote anything if you want.

The dairy or milk products are an important part of the kitchen area, both commercially and domestically. On a commercial level, there are dairy or milk products refrigerators which are designed to provide perfect storage conditions for all of the milk products. The big food businesses often have multi-deck milk products fridges. These multi-deck refrigerators have gracious capacity and can easily store all of the dairy or milk products that your super shop business requires. Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator is that kind of equipment which will do these activities for your super shop.

Dairy and milk products are highly vitamin and these goods are full of calcium, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals fats and vitamins. All of these are important for a human body and that’s why dairy products are an integral part of the daily food. To preserve the vitamin of merchandise they need to be stored properly. Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator will do the job for you because it is especially made for dairy products.

Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator is good for dairy business because they provide an outstanding view of the stored items. The display area provided by this fridge equipment is a very good of attracting the customers. Bakeries can use Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator to demonstrate dairy items like cakes, muffins, and other baked items. Restaurants or super shop can use this equipment to demonstrate their items especially dairy products. This fridge equipment is the advertisement of the dairy foodstuffs that you have to offer. The clear glass allows the people to see items clearly. The placement of Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator should be strategic for the people to be drawn by the display. As items are visible from the outside, it compels you to keep items well organized. The customers are always drawn to items that are nicely organized. It is more readily found what they are looking for when dairy items in Glass Door Dairy Display Refrigerator are nicely arranged.


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