Buy 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Production Capacity: 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine capacity is estimated through 75kg hourly and relies on item type, heat range, dimension, dish gap dimension, and nourish rate. This will be very useful item if you buy it.
  • Motor: This grinder machine provides top quality mills that have exclusively designed motor, which gives you 250W power and outcome you need in a grinder.
  • Stainless Steel Body: 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine is made of Stainless-steel metal. It is beautified with refined stainless-steel case. Thus it will free from corrosion. 
  • Long Lifetime: Stainless-steel framework guarantees durable ability. It will also be aware of deterioration. Silent and easy function, strength, and low servicing all help make the device hold its value for many years.
  • Warranty: We provide 1 year warranty for this meat grinder machine.

Product Features

  • 75kg hourly production capacity
  • 250w power quality motor.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Long durability
  • 1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Product Type·         Meat Grinder Machine
·         Model·         GRT-MC8
·         Voltage·         220V
·         Motor Power·         250w
·         Blade Speed·         175r/min
·         Capacity·         75kg/hr
·         G.W·         13kg
·         N.W·         12kg
·         Packing Size·         450*211*350mm

Why Use This Product

The right and ideal commercial meat grinding machine can help you to keep up with the most popular hours of your super shop or food related business. In inclusion, every meat grinding machine available today for commercial use is produced by some of the industry’s most well known and reliable food service providers. A commercial meat grinder can help you to slice or mince various meats in a super shop or food business establishing within no time. Despite their complex overall look, a greater part of the popular designs are very easy to use. However, before you spend in a commercial meats grinding machine, it is important that you find out about the basics. This is why Super Shop Solution brings ideal equipment 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine for you.

An electric meat grinding machine called 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine is made up of a wide range of areas and by familiarizing yourself with these areas, it is simple to recognize and target the right style with a high-quality style. This way, you will also be able to better know how these devices work. At some time or another, the rotor blades of every meat grinding machine have to get changed such as 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine. However, you can get quite a few years of use out of the unique rotor blades when you decide a design that is built with high-quality stainless-steel rotor blades. At times, you may also have to improve the rotor blades, but with high-quality rotor blades, you will have to do this less often. 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine is made of high-quality materials. It is prepared with stainless-steel rotor blades and dishes. While an electric various meats grinding machine made out of powerful steel like stainless-steel is suggested, a high-impact plastic material grinding machine should also be fine. The ingredients of the 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine are detachable so you can fresh them in a dish washer. In a commercial establishing, you will have to regularly take the grinding machine apart and thoroughly fresh it every now and then, so it should be easy to take apart.

Most of the people think twice at the time of determining buying a meat grinding machine because they don’t know how many advantages it provides to entrepreneurs of these gadgets. From the financial aspects, to the food preparation an opinion, having a meat grinding machine is something that can and will favorably enhance your food preparation and advantages without question. First of all one of the most essential advantages of having this 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine is that you are mincing your own various meats. Because of this, you actually know how clean the various meats you are mincing is, it is a fact that we can’t probably know how clean is the various meats that huge stores of submission use on their grinded various meats. When you go to the super shops or food markets, they have the based various meats presented and very often that’s what you will get, except for very costly locations, you will be getting the various meats slices grinded. Having your own 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine allows you to pick the slices of various meats you want to slice; this will help you in creating dishes that should be done with unique grinded slices of various meats. Grinding your own slices of various meats by 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine will allow you to find the actual amount of fat amount that is inside your grinded various meats, some dishes like hamburger patties could benefit from greater fat rates while other dishes could make better use of liver organ. If you are one of individuals that like to butch their own meats you know that you usually ended up with a lot of waste that would never been used in any formula because of the different styles and dimensions. Having your own 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine will help you repurposing these wastes in to awesome meats. For many of us, grinding various meats is a aspect of super shop or food business and this requires the use of a high-quality meat grinder machine. So, if you need to slice various meats on a commercial range as an element of your super shop or food business, then keeping all of the above in mind will help you make an informed decision when choosing a 80 KG Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Machine.



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