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Key Points Of Product

  • Auto Alert™ indicator lights: 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine has quality indicator lights. Innovative LED lights keep you informed of your machine’s operating status, signaling your staff when it is time to rescale, sanitize and more.
  • Easy Preventive Maintenance: This ice maker machine has easily removed panel which allows clear access to internal components. Diagnostic code display ensures the right fix the first time. External, reusable air filter is easily removable.
  • Smart-Board™: An optional advanced feature of this ice maker, Smart-Board provides NAFEM data protocol and additional operational data that can be displayed on-screen or transmitted remotely, resulting in early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues. 
  • Best Warranty: 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine is offering the industry-leading three-year parts and labor and five-year parts on the compressor warranty.

Product Features

·        The Original Chewable Ice
·        Auto Alert™ indicator lights for better visibility
·        Operational footprint among the industry’s smallest
·        Industry-exclusive QR code instantly connects users to service information and warranty history
·        Front-located air ­filter for more efficient operation
·        Self-aligning front panel for easy access to key components
·        Smart-Board™ advanced feature module available for additional diagnostic

·        capabilities

·        Optional Vari-Smart™ ice level control allows operators to customize ice levels
·        Antimicrobial protection guards internal surfaces between cleanings
·        A full range of water- and energy-saving features
·        Warranty is 3 years parts and labor on all components.

Product Specification

·        Product Type·        Nugget Ice Maker Machine
·        24 hr Production·        420 lb @ 70/50, 310 lb @ 90/70
·        Dimensions·        22.9" W x 24" D x 23" H
·        Shipping Carton·        25.5" W x 27.5" D x 28.5" H
·        Shipping Weight·        172 lb
·        Available Condenser Options·        Air, Water
·        Energy·        6.3 kWh/100 lb
·        Water·        12.0 gallons/100 lb
·        Base Electrical, Volts/Hz/Phase·        115/60/1
·        BTU Per Hour·        5,000
·        Max. Fuse Size·        20 amps
·        Circuit Wire·        2
·        Min. Circuit Ampacity·        15.2

Why Use This Product

Keeping any type of needs ice, lots of ice, and the only way to fulfill your freezing needs is with the right professional ice flaking machine. If your cafe or super shop is stayed with an extremely large ice device, you may be investing luxurious expenses to make ice you don’t need. This is not only ineffective and useless, but it’s a causeless bursal warranty decision downfall to get rid of. On the other side of the dice, a small ice maker machine can be likewise calamitous; ponder approximately frustrated clients with warm beverages, and contemptibly cooled nutrition that wilts together with patron warranty. This can, however, be advantageous within the restaurant. Flake ice’s tendency to melt faster makes it a faster cooling agent, and makes it perfect for quickly chilling a drink or for temporarily housing fresh seafood or chicken. Nugget ice is the midway point between the other two and goes perfectly in cocktails or sodas because they cool drinks quickly without melting away too soon. This is why now Super Shop Solution have decided to bring one of the best super shop equipment 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine for your super shop.

Now the soft, chewable 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine that customers love is available with more innovative technology than ever before. With next-generation diagnostics like Auto Alert™ indicator lights on the new Scotsman Prodigy Plus nugget ice machines, operators can help ensure superior performance while enjoying maximum efficiency every day. And with features like advanced ice level control, a small operational footprint and easy-access service from the front panel, 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine is the smart choice for today’s busy food-service environments. With advanced self-diagnostic technology, 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine delivers increased reliability and efficiency, using up to 50 percent less water and 15 percent less energy than cube ice machines. The soft, randomly sized bits of ice and its chewable form make it a favorite for all types of beverages. And because it displaces more liquid than cubed ice, 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine lowers syrup costs per cup. 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine has quality signal lighting. Impressive LED lighting keep you informed of your machine’s working position, signaling your stuff when it 's a chance to rescale, clean and more. This ice manufacturer device has quickly removed board which allows clear access to internal elements. Analytic code display guarantees the right fixes the new. External, recyclable air filter is definitely detachable. An optionally available advanced feature of this ice manufacturer, Smart-Board provides NAFEM information method and additional functional information that can be shown on-screen or passed on slightly, causing in early aware and fast appropriate working issues.  200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine is offering the industry-leading three-year materials and five-year areas on the air compressor assurance. Thus makes it innovative and useful machine for a super shop, cuisine, restaurants and other related services. Nugget ice maker is very popular for ice lovers; they are categorized as chewable ice. It is called nugget because of its small unique and soft shape. Nugget ice maker is produced – this is formed from compacted ice, this makes it softer and more chewable. The nugget ice will also absorb flavors of drinks that you put it in better than block ice. This is the reason why 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine is best for these activities. This ice making machine can simulate an influential view or can be vision of your super shop along with a reasonable impact. So, expect more around it. Buy this impressive 200 KG Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Machine now…


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