How To Choose Right Location For a Supermarket in Bangladesh?

Commercial super shop or supermarket places are available in many different types. Stop and think about the business in the area. Like most places, there are probably mature purchasing places, new vibrant super shop or supermarket places and some nestled away stores.

Retailers have many shop place aspects to consider when selecting a place for their super shop or supermarket business. Here are a few of the more common types of super shop or supermarket places.

Before you begin purchasing for super shop or supermarket business area, you need to have the answers of what you must have, what you would like to have, what you will or won’t accept and how much you are able to pay. Creating that image can be a time-consuming procedure that’s both interesting and boring, but it’s important you provide it the interest it should get. While many start-up errors can be fixed later on, a bad selection of place is sometimes difficult to fix.

Finding the best location for your super shop in a country like Bangladesh, you’ve to consider some issues. Actually these issues basically come in our mind when starting a super shop business. Here is some basics –

  • It would be much better if the area or location is big. It depends on the location where you want. Sometimes small area super shop business works if the location is in popular crowded place.
  • Your super shop location needs to be in a place where people walk by. It will be better if your location is near from local vehicles or bus stoppage.
  • Ground floor system would be better for your super shop. As a result, people especially child to old everyone can come into your super shop.
  • Car parking service should be considered because most of the people will come in their vehicles.



This was brief only. Apart from this, there are some other technical issues which you should consider…

  • Demographics:

There are two essential perspectives to the issue of census. First, consider who your customers are and how essential their proximity to your location is. For a super shop and some companies, this is critical; for other types of companies, it might not be as essential. The market information you have of your focus on audience will help you choose to do this.

Then take a look at your city. If your customer platform is local, does a adequate amount of that inhabitants fit customer information to support your super shop business? Does town have a reliable financial platform that will provide a healthy atmosphere for your business? Be careful when considering areas that are mostly reliant on a particular sell for their economy; a recession could be bad for business.

Now think about your employees. What abilities do you need, and are people with those abilities available? Does that particular location have the sources to assist their needs? Is there adequate real estate in the appropriate price range? Will your employees find the factors of satisfactory?

  • Foot Traffic:

For most super shop businesses, visitor is very important. You don’t want to be nestled away in a area where customers are likely to avoid you, and even the best super shop areas have deceased areas. In comparison, if your super shop or supermarket business needs privacy, you may not want to be located in a high-traffic area. Observe the visitors outside a potential location at different times of the day and on different days of the week to make sure the number of people visitors fits your needs.

  • Accessibility And Parking:

Consider how available the service will be for everyone who’ll be using it—customers, employees, and providers. If you’re on a active road, how easy is it for cars or vehicles to get in and out of your vehicle parking lot? Is the service available to people with disabilities? What kind of supply are you likely to acquire, and will your providers be able to easily and effectively get components to your business?

Find out about the times and hours of service and having accessibility to places you’re considering. Are the chilling and warming techniques left on or switched off at night and on weekends? If you’re inside a workplace, are there times when external gates are shut and, if so, can you have keys? A wonderful workplace at a great price is an awful deal if you plan to work all day of the week but the property is shut on weekends—or they allow you accessibility, but the air training and also warm are switched off so you cook in summer time season and lock up during the cold months.

Be sure there’s sufficient practical vehicle parking for customers. As with visitors, take the time to observe the service at various times and times to see how the need for vehicle parking varies. Also make sure the vehicle automobile parking space is well-maintained and effectively illuminated.

Here is a thing that most of the people of our country uses rickshaw. So you have to make sure people also can easily access into your super shop by rickshaw. Thus, it will be useful for your customers of different ages and different people.

  • Distance To Other Businesses And Services:

Take a look at what other manufacturers and solutions are in the area from two key viewpoints. First, see if you may gain advantage from close by businesses—by the customer visitors they generate—because those organizations and their employees could become your customers, or because it may be practical and effective for you to be their customer.

Second, look at how they’ll enhance the standard of your super shop. Does the area have an sufficient choice of restaurants so you and your employees have locations to go for lunch?

  • Image And History of The Site:

What does this address say about your super shop? Particularly if you’re focusing on the supermarket, be sure your place perfectly shows the picture you want to venture. It’s also a wise concept to examine out the reputation of the site. Consider how it’s progressed over the years.

Ask about past renters. If you’re beginning a super shop where five super shops didn’t work, you may be beginning with an impossible handicap—either because there’s something incorrect with the place or because people will believe your super shop business will go the way of the first renters. If a variety of companies have been there without success, perform some analysis to find out why—you need to validate whether the problem was with the companies or the place. That past residents have been super effective is certainly an excellent indication, but self-control that with information on what type of companies they were in comparison to yours.

  •  The building’s Infrastructure:

Many older structures don’t have the necessary facilities to assistance the high-tech needs of modern functions. Make sure the building has sufficient electric, air conditioner, and telecoms service to fulfill your present and upcoming needs. It’s smart to employ a private commercial to check this out for you so you’re sure to have a purpose assessment. 

  • Utilities And Other Costs:

Lease consists the most important section of your continuous features price, but consider accessories such as utilities—they’re involved in some rents but not in others. If they’re not involved, ask the application organization for a conclusion of the past year’s utilization and payments for the website. Also find out what type of protection remains the various application suppliers need so you can build a precise move-in budget; however, you may not need a deposit if you have a recognized transaction history with the organization.

If you have to offer your own cleaning support, what will it cost? Do you have to pay additional for parking? Consider all your location-related costs, and aspect them into your decision.

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